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North Korea Thinks Pompeo Has Reneged on the Deal

Global Research, July 08, 2018

Pyongyang has voiced its regret over America’s attitude during high-level talks with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and accused Washington of seeking unilateral and forced denuclearization from North Korea.
“We were expecting the US… to come up with constructive measures to help build confidence in the spirit of reunion and talks. However, the attitude of the US was indeed regrettable,” said a statement released by the Korean Central News Agency.”
Let this be a lesson to Putin, as if he needs another one, that no deal with Washington can be trusted.  As Assad recently said, talking with Washington is a waste of time, because Washington’s word doesn’t mean anything.  Washington says one thing and does another.
Putin also has the example of Trump tearing up the nuclear agreement with Iran.  Now apparently North Korea.  Russia herself has a long miserable experience of stupidly trusting Washington:  “NATO won’t move one inch to the East.”  The ABM Treaty, and so on.
If Putin is constrained by starry-eyed Russian Atlanticist Integrationists and isn’t on his toes when he meets with Trump in a few days, Russia will again have a miserable experience.  Already the Western-worshiping Atlanticist Integrationists are planting stories in the media about the concessions Putin is prepared to make to Washington.  
Why should Putin make any concessions?  The problem is Washington’s hegemonic ideology, not Russia.  Putin should make no concessions.  If he does, he will collect nothing in return.  
How long will it take for Russia to learn this lesson?
This article was originally published on Paul Craig Roberts Institute for Political Economy.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a frequent contributor to Global Research.
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