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Friday, August 11, 2017

Selected Articles: U.S. and North Korea: Testing Each Other’s Brinkmanship?

Global Research, August 11, 2017

The scare-/warmongers in Washington lambasted North Korea for posing yet another ‘grave danger’ to global security after it has successfully launched a tiny nuclear warhead into its arsenal. Trump threatened Kim Jong-un with ‘fire and fury’ (which relates to an attack with nuclear weapons) should the DPRK continue with its missile tests. Is the Pentagon itching to start a more sophisticated WW3? Read our selected articles below.

The United States in the region has a central objective that does not concern Kim Jong-un or his nuclear weapons. Rather, it is driven by the perennial necessity to increase forces in the region for the purposes of maintaining a balance of military force (Asian Pivot) and ultimately trying to contain the rise of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). (Federico Pieraccini)

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By Federico Pieraccini, August 11, 2017

Kim Jong-un has come to realize that the continuing threats, practices, and arms sales of the United States to Japan and South Korea needed to be thwarted in some way in the interests of defending the sovereignty of the DPRK.

By Siegfried Hecker and Elisabeth Eaves, August 11, 2017

To put North Korea’s plutonium inventory in perspective, the Soviet Union and United States at one time had inventories in excess of 100,000 kilograms each, and China is believed to have an inventory of roughly 2,000 kilograms. Estimates of North Korea’s highly enriched uranium inventory are highly uncertain, but are likely in the 200 to 450 kilogram range, which, combined with its plutonium inventory, may be sufficient for 20 to 25 nuclear weapons.

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, August 11, 2017 

What most people in America do not know –and which is particularly relevant when assessing the “threats” of the DPRK to World peace– is that North Korea lost thirty percent of its population as a result of US led bombings in the 1950s. US military sources confirm that 20 percent of North Korea’s population was killed off over a three period of intensive bombings

By Pepe Escobar, August 10, 2017

Pyongyang’s nuclear arsenal represents the deterrent against regime change that Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi could not count on. There’s only one way to deal with North Korea, as I’ve argued before; diplomacy. Tell that to Washington and Tokyo.

By Stephen Lendman, August 10, 2017

The only Korean peninsula threat comes from Washington, not Pyongyang. Combatively Mattis blustered that “the combined allied militaries now possess the most precise, rehearsed and robust defensive and offensive capabilities on earth” – America perhaps willing to destroy the planet to own it.

By Jason Ditz, August 10, 2017

Mattis, for his part, accused North Korea of being to blame for everything, demanding that the state “stop isolating itself,” as US officials continue to impose new sanctions and threaten a massive war against them.

By Christopher Black, August 10, 2017

The question is not whether the DPRK has nuclear weapons which it is legally entitled to have, but whether the United States, which has nuclear arms capability on the Korean peninsula, and which is now installing its THADD missile defence system there, a system that threatens the security of Russia and China, is willing to work with the North toward a peace treaty.

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