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Friday, June 2, 2017

World’s Second Largest Greenhouse Gas Emitter Pulls Out of Climate Accord

Global Research, June 02, 2017

World’s second largest greenhouse gas emitter will remove itself from global treaty as Trump claims accord ‘will harm’ American jobs. ‘A reassertion of America’s Sovereignty’.

(Editorial) Our Disgraceful Exit From the Paris Accord. Here’s what Trump’s decision on the climate change pact says to the world: America cares little about science, its allies and competitiveness.
U.S. and global leaders react to Trump’s exit from Paris climate change pact.
World leaders accuse Trump of turning his back on the planet.
World leaders condemned Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris agreement on climate change.
Trudeau tells Trump Canada is disappointed by withdrawal from Paris climate deal.
Is Trump abandoning US global leadership?

Goldman’s Blankfein criticizes U.S decision to leave Paris climate deal.
Apple CEO says he pleaded with Trump to stay in the Paris climate accord, “but it wasn’t enough.”
UN climate negotiator slams White House for having “no idea” how Paris Agreement works.
Washington, California, New York band together to form climate alliance.

US mayors, governors vow to stick with Paris accord.
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