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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Selected Articles: Trump Plays Nuclear ‘Chicken’ with Putin Over Syria

By Global Research News Global Research, June 28, 2017

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By Seymour M. Hersh and The Real News Network, June 28, 2017
In this article is the full transcript of the interview with Seymour Hersh on his report about the western allegations on Syria.
By Eric Zuesse, June 28, 2017
U.S. President Donald Trump is playing a game of nuclear “chicken” with Russian President Vladimir Putin, regarding Putin’s threat on June 19th to go to war against the United States if the U.S. again shoots down, inside Syria — in the sovereign territory of the internationally-recognized-as-legal sovereign Syrian government — Syrian aircraft, or the aircraft of any of the foreign governments that have allied with Syria: Russia, Iran, and China.
By Jonathan Cook, June 28, 2017
According to US intelligence, Hersh reports, the Syrian air force was able to target the site using a large, conventional bomb supplied by the Russians. But if Assad did not use a chemical warhead, why did many people apparently die at Khan Sheikhoun from inhalation of toxic gas?
By Washington’s Blog, June 28, 2017
Trump said the Syrian government carried out a chemical weapons attack on civilians. But U.S. military and intelligence officials say that they told Trump there was no evidence for that claim … and they say that what really happened is that Syria bombed Islamic terrorists, and that accidentally released chemicals being stored by the terrorists.
By RT News, June 28, 2017
Russian FM Sergey Lavrov has accused the US-led anti-terrorist coalition of being reluctant to bomb positions of the former Al-Nusra Front in Syria, and has urged them to ditch “double standards” for the sake of an “uncompromising” fight against terrorism.

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