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Monday, April 3, 2017

US Empire’s Strategy of Deception: “Balkanize and Destroy”

Global Research, April 03, 2017

NATO’s devastating terror bombing missions against civilians in Mosul, Iraq have diverted the attention of observers from other developments that could be more devastating.

Similarly, the US public policy announcement that Assad doesn’t “need to go” serves a strategic purpose of providing cover for covert war crimes that are advancing beneath the radar.

The advancing war crimes take the form of an escalation of US forces on the ground in Syria.

As Denis Kucinich, former Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Ohio, explained in a March 18 global Facebook post,

This is an illegal war. The Administration has no legal nor Constitutional authority to attack Syria. Syria has not declared war on the US. It has neither the intention nor the capability of attacking the US. There is no imminent threat from Syria. Congress, according to the Constitution, Article I, Section 8, has the sole authority to take this country into a war, yet congressional leaders are silent. Yet the US is preparing to put more “boots on the ground” in Syria, and, apparently escalate the war from the air, no matter the costs borne by innocents.

By putting more “boots on the ground” in Syria, Washington is betraying American citizens as well as international law.

And the additional “boots on the ground” policy aims to further the covert agenda of manipulating a minority Kurdish population to serve as instruments to balkanize and destroy Syria.

Historical and present memory of Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, the former Yugoslavia and beyond should inform all Syrians that the US seeks to be perceived as a “saviour” by (illegally)“helping” the Kurds so that it can later use the Kurds’ new found “liberty” to fuel intra Syrian divisions, and to weaken and destroy the country.

The “balkanize and destroy” agenda is further revealed if reports that the US and its allies are criminally blocking the SAA from attacking Raqqa are true. Such a development would suggest that the imperialists and their allies seek to control the battlefield, and to secure Raqqa (and NATO proxy terrorists) with a view to serving an imperial agenda of destruction rather than any stated agenda of “defeating ISIS”.

Clearly, if NATO sincerely wanted to destroy ISIS, it would have allied itself with Russia, Syria, and their allies years ago. But the agenda has never been to destroy ISIS.

Political commentator and co-editor of the on-line site BS News, Mike Raddie, explains the covert imperial agenda here:

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