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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Cyprus and the Death of Democracy in Turkey

Global Research, April 20, 2017

Sunday’s questionable referendum results in Turkey, offers Erdogan the opportunity to declare himself the ultimate Sultan of Turkey. When that happens it would be the death of democracy in Turkey and replaced by a dictatorship with many incarcerations of innocent citizens but would also trigger the execution of Erdogan’s perceived enemies. He vowed to bring back the death penalty. Why would he do that if he does not have sinister intentions in mind?

Today, Cyprus faces a greater danger than before. Yet, the government appears not to have a strategic plan or a defense policy to deal with this reality but will “consult with the other EU leaders”, so it has claimed. This can only imply there is no strategic policy in place.

A wise move it’s to stop the current BBF talks (partitioning of the island) before it’s too late and in so doing shut the crossingsuntil a stable environment develops. Akinci on the other hand has also shown to play Ankara’s devious games. In fact he has not acted honourably during the negotiations. Under the current situation there is no chance in the world on finding a fair solution with Erdogan as a Sultan – he is flying high and wants it all!

The government should make radical decisions and seek ways to deal with this new reality of Erdogan’s theocratic ambitions for the Islamization of Hellenic Cyprus. Only the Archbishop of Cyprus dared to speak openly about those fears but nobody takes him seriously. As for most of the inglorious Cypriot politicians…well, that’s another story!

While other superpowers offer lip service and fail to support Cyprus, Russia offers the only hope on the table for protecting the island against such dictators. Certainly not the EU or the UN – not while most member-states support Turkey! Russia has demonstrated its loyalty to Cyprus many times over and it’s wise to develop a closer political and defense relationship with this superpower for the sake of this torn island occupied by Turkish military troops.

It is about time to put the Republic of Cyprus first above all others …if not, under the current mentality Cyprus is doomed!

Andreas C Chrysafis is an author, writer and artist.

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