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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Yemen Genocide: Which was Propaganda, Which was News-Reporting?

Global Research, March 30, 2017

Russian TV covered 1,000,000 Yemeni protesting U.S.-Saudi’s Bombs.
Russian TV covered 1,000,000 Yemenese protesting U.S.-Saudi’s Bombs.
U.S. TV covered 8,000 Russians protesting Vladimir Putin’s government.
If they’re both propaganda, then which was more honest, more news that was really worth covering? Both were about foreign affairs, but which was more important, more worthy of being included in an evening’s news-cast?
An anonymous blogger noted the contrasting coverage:
“Neither the New York Times nor the Washington Post reported the million strong rally. Both though reported widely an 8,000 strong demonstration in Moscow led by the ultra-nationalist anti-semitic racist Alexey Navalny (vid). Navalny, who polls less than 1% in Russia, is their great and groundless hope to replace the Russian President Putin.”
So, maybe there was a U.S.-government propaganda-reason for making the Navalny molehill seem like a major political event, but was there also a U.S.-government propaganda-reason for the American press’s non-coverage of the million people in Yemen which urged the U.S. and Saudi governments, “Please stop bombing and starving us!” and for those million people being hidden from (not heard and seen by) the American public?

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