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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Selected Articles: The Harvard Index: “Fake Scholarship”, Mainstream Media’s Collapse

Global Research, March 21, 2017
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, March 21 2017
The Harvard Index acts as a Lynchpin. It establishes a “new normal”, a guideline to colleges and universities across to land, regarding what we can and cannot read, what we can or cannot write?
What is the mainstream media NOT reporting?
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, March 21 2017
The world of lies that comprises life in the Western world and hides reality from the people has destroyed all justification for the West’s long hegemony over humanity. Today the West, corrupt, violent, greedy beyond all measure, evil beyond Satan, is a collection of populations comfortable with the mass murder of millions of Muslims in many countries. When evil can go without challenge, what hope does humanity have?
boycott israel apartheid palestine
By Chandra Muzaffar, March 21 2017
Using international human rights law as a basis, the report provides ample evidence to show why Israel practises apartheid in various facets of governance. Land policy is one example.  Land occupied by Israel between 1948 and 1967 can only be owned and used by Jews and by law excludes non-Jews some of whom have documentary claims to the land that go back a few centuries. An even more insidious mechanism employed by the Israeli regime to exercise control and domination is the fragmentation of the Palestinian population into various categories. The authors of the report call them ‘domains.’
By Eric Zuesse, March 21 2017
There is only one Cabinet-level federal Department that is so wasteful — so corrupt (&/or incompetent) — that its financial records can’t even be audited, meaning that no auditors can be found who will certify its books: the Defense Department, otherwise called «the Pentagon»
By Prof. Claudia von Werlhof, March 21 2017
Recent satellite data show that there has been no warming up of the planet in general since the late 1990s. This contradicts the normal information given to the public by the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, regarded as being the most reliable institution on questions of climate change. This has been the topic of a recent hearing of the US-Senate on the question. It seems that the IPCC is relying on statistical assumptions alone and cannot explain the reality. It is my thesis that if the planet is not warming up it is nevertheless drying out.
Self-Portrait c.1799 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851
By Sam Ben-Meir, March 21 2017
For the philosopher Gille Deleuze, Turner was the modern Pythia (otherwise known as the Oracle of Delphi). Like the puzzling pronouncements of the ancient priestess, Turner’s work makes a claim on us. He wants us to take our time – and he accomplishes this in part by leaving things ambiguous, never giving us all the answers.

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