Selected Articles: Trump Caves to Wall Street and War Profiteers, Iraq: ISIS Drones and Fake Counter-terrorism, Artificial Intelligence and the Ruling Class - Counter Information


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Friday, February 24, 2017

Selected Articles: Trump Caves to Wall Street and War Profiteers, Iraq: ISIS Drones and Fake Counter-terrorism, Artificial Intelligence and the Ruling Class

Global Research, February 24, 2017

Donald Trump
By Stephen Lendman, February 23 2017
The hoped for antidote to Hillary appears no different when on policymaking – both subservient to monied interests at the expense of popular ones, both warriors, not peacemakers, both intolerant of challenges to America’s hegemonic aims, both hostile to all sovereign independent states, a deplorable situation, a dangerous one risking  possible nuclear war.
U.S. Violates Syrian Air Space: Drones Over Syria as Fighting Spreads
By South Front and Prof Michel Chossudovsky, February 24 2017
The ISIS is an instrument of US intelligence. it is not an autonomous force. The Combat UAV drones analyzed in this report were supplied to the ISIS by the Western military alliance and its Gulf partners. The US is not waging a war against the ISIS, which is integrated by US and allied special forces and intelligence. The ultimate objective of US-NATO is the destruction of Mosul under a fake counter-terrorism mandate.
ai_0 artificial intelligence
By Prof. James Petras, February 24 2017
The fundamental questions that must be raised include: 1) ‘AI’, for whom?; 2) How are the productivity gains of AI to be distributed between capital and labor? 3) How are work time, income and pensions distributed between the owners of technology and the labor force?; and 4) What kinds of socio-economic activity does AI serve?
fidelcastro 2
By Arnold August, February 24 2017
Among his many other achievements, Fidel’s accomplishments as the constructor of the new Cuban society include: overthrowing capitalism in favour of socialism and its related principles of equality and solidarity; defeating U.S. neo-colonialist domination to attain sovereignty, independence and dignity; upholding human rights in the areas of health, education, culture and sport; respecting racial equality, gender equality, food and housing for all; and defending freedom of speech and the press, the latter being one of the domains in which Fidel’s example still has much to teach us, and creating a civilized social/political atmosphere without violence.
By Sam Ben-Meir, February 24 2017
New York’s Museum of Modern Art is currently exhibiting Francis Picabia: Our Heads Are Round so Our Thoughts Can Change Direction, an exuberant and sometimes disquieting retrospective of an artist who consistently defied expectations. Marcel Duchamp said of Picabia: “[he was] a negator… whatever you said, he contradicted.” In an exhibit that spans over fifty years – which included work as a painter, poet and filmmaker – Picabia’s refusal of any fixed position is on full display, while his restlessness and eclecticism makes him seem oddly contemporary.

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