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Sunday, January 15, 2017

What is the “Reality” of Syria’s “Popular Revolution” which Sparked Six Years of Violence…

Conversations with Eva Bartlett and Steven Gowans. Global Research News Hour Episode 166

Global Research, January 15, 2017

” The point is the Western media, BBC, CBC, whatever, that goes to Syria, they pointedly don’t try to take the testimonies of people who are overtly supportive of the government or who point out the real problem in Syria is this NATO war on Syria.” - Eva Bartlett, from this week’s interview

(Length 59:24)
Over the last several weeks, the population of the major Western countries has been inundated with messages and appeals in the wake of devastating human rights abuses and war crimes committed by the Syrian government with the help of its Russian allies.
The Eiffel Tower in Paris shut off its lights over the holiday season as a show of support for the devastated people of the Southwest Asian country. Authoritative humanitarian organizations like Amnesty International and Medecins Sans Frontiers have likewise been doing what they can to prick the consciences of the world’s peoples in support of the Syrian people.
However, not everyone is echoing the narrative of Syrians besieged by air strikes from a brutal Russia and a dictatorial Syrian military.
Independent journalists on the ground are relaying word that Assad is actually quite popular, and that the main threat seen by the civilian population is coming from the terrorist groups who are labelled ‘rebels’ by Western leaders.
What is the reality of the ‘popular revolution’ which sparked six years of violence and thousands of casualties?
What is truly the result of  Assad cracking down on peaceful demonstrators?
On this week’s Global Research News Hour, we attempt to separate myth and reality when it comes to reporting on the situation in Syria.
We start with a conversation with Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett. She has reported from Gaza during the Israeli assaults there in 2008/9 and 2012. And since April 2014, she has travelled to various parts of Syria no less than six times, including four visits to the ravaged city of Alleppo. Her reports are at odds with the common Western narrative about the Syrian peoples’ victimhood under Assad and the threat he and the Russian government pose to the welfare of civilians in the country. She shares with listeners her on the ground reports. We then allow her to respond to the attacks she has received from so-called fact-checking bodies seeking to discredit her.
Bartlett’s website is ingaza.wordpress.com
Her Canadian speaking tour includes the following cities:
Hamilton: January 24, 25
Ottawa: January 27
Montreal: January 28
Winnipeg: early February
(Times and venues to be posted at Globalresearch.ca within a few days.)
We then hear from Steven Gowans. The Ottawa based author of the ‘What’s Left’ blog and of the new book Washington’s Long War on Syria gives listeners a breakdown of the nature of the so-called revolution against President Bashar al-Assad, the myth of it originating in non-violent protests, and the actual reasons for Washington’s involvement in the country. 

(Length 59:24)

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