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Friday, January 6, 2017

Selected Articles: Russian “Hacking” and Fake News Inconsistencies, Endgame of War on Syria

Global Research, January 06, 2017

By Eric Zuesse, January 06 2017
Julian Assange, who received the computer-data from what U.S. President Barack Obama alleges was ‘Russian hackers’, had an opportunity, in his 3 January 2017 interview with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, to deny the allegation by Craig Murray (a former British Ambassador and longtime friend of Assange) that no Russian or any other hackers were involved passing that information to Wikileaks; and, in reply, Assange declined the invitation to deny it, and he said, in short: Obama and his Administration are flat-out lying about this matter.
By Stephen Lendman, January 06 2017
America’s intelligence community can’t get its act straight. Switching allegations shows its operatives can’t agree on what fake news to go with. Earlier accusations changed, Reuters saying three unnamed US officials now claim “Russia provided hacked material from the Democratic National Committee to WikiLeaks through a third party.” The earlier version accused Russia of directly interfering in America’s election process, hacking the DNC, helping Trump defeat Hillary. No evidence suggests Moscow interfered in the election process of any country, or rigged its own to assure Putin’s triumph.
By Washington’s Blog, January 06 2017
As first reported by George Eliason, CrowdStrike’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder Dimitri Alperovitch – who wrote the CrowdStrike reports allegedly linking Russia to the Democratic party emails published by Wikileaks – is a fellow at the Atlantic Council … an organization associated with Ukraine, and whose main policy goal seems to stir up a confrontation with Russia.
By Peter Koenig, January 06 2017
The truth behind Donald Trump’s ‘surprise’ election may lay somewhere else. It’s called Psychometrics, a method based on massive behavioral data collection of people to be targeted by propaganda, or more accurately expressed by mind manipulation. This PR technology has been marketed and applied by a small London-based data analysis firm, called ‘Cambridge Analytica’.
By Daniel Espinosa Winder, January 06 2017
The Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act (CDPA), passed last December 8th by Barack Obama, was first presented to the US Congress on March 16th. This effort in information warfare was in the making long before the mainstream media campaign against ‘fake news’ -or serious allegations of Russian meddling in US elections- started. This is an analysis of how foreign and domestic policy becomes ‘popular demand’ through mainstream media.
syria russian
By Prof. Tim Anderson, January 06 2017
Wars are always concluded with political settlements. In the endgame over Syria, Russia has worked directly with Turkey, to agree on orderly evacuations of the NATO-backed terrorist groups from Aleppo and, with Iran, is now engaged in talks on a wider resolution to the failing war on Syria.

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