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Monday, December 12, 2016

Islamic State Forces (ISIS-Daesh) Retake Historic City of Palmyra

Global Research, December 12, 2016
South Front 12 December 2016

This report by South Front reviews the attacks of ISIS directed against Palmyra, which are largely the consequence of the transfer of US sponsored ISIS-Daesh terrorists from Mosul across the desert back into Syria.  
The US and its allies have created a corridor which allows the terrorists to leave Mosul. According to Stephen Lendman: “Thousands of fighters transferred from Mosul with US support are involved in fighting, along with large numbers from Raqqa and Dier Ezzor.” (Global Research, December 12, 2016)
This was a carefully planned operation in response to the defeat of  terrorist strongholds by Syrian and allied forces in Aleppo.
Reports suggest that the operation was conducted by 4000 ISIS fighters.
The occupation of Palmyra is fragile. According to the Russian defence ministry, 64 strikes against ISIS have resulted in the killing of more than 300 ISIS fighters. Reports confirm that Syrian SAA forces have been sent to Palmyra to confront the terrorists.

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